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Examiner.com is fully powered by Examiners, thousands of writers who are self-motivated independent contributors. Each contributor is able to express through words and photos a deep expertise in a topic of their choosing. Their knowledge is enhanced by a viewpoint unique to their experiences and oftentimes, their location.

Ready? Here are the qualifications we expect of contributors, and of you as an applicant:

  • You are a credible, passionate and knowledgeable subject matter expert
  • Even if you’re not a professional writer, you feel ready to write interesting articles about your topic in the third person
  • You are willing to provide timely, accurate and fair information with proper attribution of your sources as appropriate
  • You are willing to contribute on a regular basis to build and keep your audience
  • You are interested in creating the highest quality articles possible and are open to feedback if it is provided

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  • Exposure: Build your readership with visibility on Examiner.com, our mobile site and through various website partnerships
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  • Compensation: Competitive rates recognize your writing activity and reader interest
  • Resources: Examiner Support will be available 24/7 to help you improve your writing, technical and marketing skills
  • Humans: We have a great team based in Denver, CO who are available to offer feedback, answer your questions and welcome you to our community of independent contributors

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Examiner.com conducts regular background verification checks. Any false information, deliberate or accidental, is grounds for immediate dismissal. Any criminal act such as impersonating another person or falsifying documents is illegal and subject to prosecution.
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The Fine Print: Examiners must be 18 years of age or older and U.S. or Canadian residents. Each Examiner is required to sign an independent contractor agreement prior to activation.